Forgotten Towns

Many years ago, there were towns scattered across the county which are no longer in existence.

The Crawford County Historical Preservation Commission is trying to preserve the early history of the settlement of Crawford County by identifying these "lost" towns (marked on our interactive map). These were the places that the earliest settlers found most suitable for their homes. 

Spend a pleasant day or a few hours following this map to these former settlement sites in Crawford County. Perhaps discovering the vanished towns of Crawford County will spark your interest to do more research on our prairie heritage. 

Map of Historic Settlements

List of Historic Settlements

Abandoned Postal Sites


5 miles south of Westside, just east of the "5 Mile House". (S.W./N.W. Sec. 13, Hayes Township, 83N, R37W) Established July 15, 1880 by George S. Nickles. Discontinued November 28, 1882.


Located 7 1/2 miles northwest of Ricketts. (S.W./S.E. Sec. 8, Solider Township, 85N, R41W) Established July 17, 1879 by Ralph French. Discontinued March 18, 1881.


About 1 1/2 miles southwest of Ricketts. (Sec. 3, Charter Oak Township, 84N. R41W) Established October 5, 1875 by Barnett Brazell. Discontinued February 24, 1880.

Coon Grove

6 miles south of Denison or 5 miles northeast of Buck Grove. (273rd St. and S. Ave., Washington Township, 82N. R39W) Established July 2, 1875 by J. Fred Meyers. Discontinued April 3, 1878.


5 miles north of Deloit, 4 miles south of Kiron. (N.E./N.E. Sec. 30, Stockholm Township, 85N. R38W) Established October 6 1899 by Frank L. Johnson. Discontinued February 28, 1903.


About 2 1/2 miles southeast of Schleswig. (N.E./N.E. Sec. 31, Otter Creek Township, 85N. R39W) Established February 2, 1877 by Albright J. Brock. Discontinued November 12, 1894.


About 3 miles northwest of Dow City. (Sec. 5, Union Township, 82N. R40W) Opened February 5, 1862 by Spencer Smith. Closed November 13, 1863.

Forgotten Towns


On Milwaukee Railroad, 2 miles southwest of Manilla. (S.E./N. E. Sec. 33, S.W./N.W. Sec. 34, Nishnabotna Township, 82N, R38W) Established July 31, 1882 by ALexander Liedlum. Discontinued August 31, 1944, Astor was the "short cut" road to Denison.

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About 1 1/2 miles northwest of Arion at a Milwaukee Railroad station. (S.W. Sec. 34, Paradise Township, 83N, R40W) Established August 17, 1887 by Cornelius A Butterworth. Discontinued October 17, 1895. The Sandlandes Bell log cabin can be seen in the Washington Park in Dension.

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1 mile east of Monona County line or 3 miles west and 1 mile north of Charter Oak


Established in 1899 at the northwest corner of Sec. 5 of Jackson Township by Thomas Brogan. A hotel for railroad workers was built there with a depot and siding for loading and unloading lumber and livestock

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On Illinois Central Railroad, 5 miles N.E. of Deloit. (NW/NE Sec. 23, Stockholm Township. 85N, R38W) Established January 24, 1900 by Benjamin F. Ells, discontinued April 15, 1914.

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Located 1 1/2 miles W. of Schleswig. (Sec. 23 Morgan Township, 85N, R40W) Established February 5, 1891 by Jurgen Schroder. When the railroad was completed, Hohenzollern was abandoned. The town of Schleswig was established 1 1/2 mile E. of November 16, 1899.

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8 miles west of Dension. (S.E./S.W. Sec. 9, Paradise Township, 83N, R40W) Established August 12, 1886 by William C. Saul. Discontinued March 31, 1932.

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Old Kiron

Established by Swedish pioneers, it was the forerunner of the present town of Kiron. The original spelling was intended to be Kidron, but a error made it Kiron. Old Kiron was located 1 mile south of the corner of Sac and Ida Counties, and 1 mile east of the railroad. 

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Historic Settlements

Dunham's Grove

In 1849, Cornelius Dunham Sr. came to Crawford County and built a cabin on the Boyer River approximately 3 1/2 miles southwest of Vail at the 300 Acre Grove.

Mason's Grove

In 1848, Jesse Mason arrived in the County. He returned and brought his family from the east in 1850. They arrived a what was named Mason's Grove, located just across the Boyer River east of present day Deloit. Jesse was known as the "Great Hunter" of western Iowa.