For your convenience, here are key contacts and elected officials from each Crawford County department. Please see our Departments page for a searchable list of department services and resources. In addition to departmental contacts, please reference our list of elected county officials. The Crawford Courthouse directory phone number is (712) 263-1280.


Duane Zenk


Colin Johnson
County Attorney
Martha A. Sibbel
Assistant County Attorney
Bonnie Teut
Administrative Assistant
Joni Kienast
Administrative Assistant and Victim/Witness Coordinator


Terri Martens
Auditor & Commissioner of Elections
Rita Brodersen
1st Deputy Auditor - Accounts Payable
Mary Eiten
1st Deputy Auditor - Real Estate
Bethany Linkenhoker
2nd Deputy Auditor - Elections, Agendas & Accounts Payable
Amy Pieper
HR, Payroll & Election Deputy

Board of Supervisors

Ty Rosburg
Board Member
(712) 263-7672
Jeri Vogt
(712) 674-3775
Eric Skoog
Vice Chairperson
(712) 263-5319
Jean Heiden
Board Member
Kyle Schultz
Board Member
(712) 265-1437


Chris Gosch
Jodi Head
Office Manager
Nate Lakner
Operations Manager
Andy Butler
Nelson Park - Park Ranger
Kelly Sonnichsen
Tyler Knight
Yellow Smoke - Park Ranger
Jordan Downing
Nelson Park - Park Technician

Home Health, Hospice & Public Health

Kim Fineran
Public Health Director
Lynette Ludwig
Home Care Director


Denise Meeves
Sara Meseck
Deputy Recorder
Kayla Pedersen-Morgan
2nd Deputy Recorder

Secondary Road

Paul Assman
County Engineer
Ben Schaben
Assistant to the County Engineer
Cathy Meadows
Office Manager
Sean Krohnke
Road Foreman - East Side
Chris Clark
Road Foreman - West Side
Dan Blunk
Bridge Crew Foreman

Solid Waste and Recycling

Chuck Ettleman
Travis Fink
Jeff Schwager
Assistant Operator
Becky Schwarz
Scale House Operator - Part-Time
Trisha Blunk
Scale House Operator - Part-Time


Sheri Neddermeyer
Ami Kesterson-Ladwig
Motor Vehicle Supervisor
Lisa Gallagher
Driver's License Manager
Barb Ruser
Tax Department 1st Deputy
Elizabeth Morales
Motor Vehicle 2nd Deputy
Kristin Clark
Motor Vehicle 2nd Deputy
Tammy Klinker
Deputy Driver Examiner

Courthouse Hours
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday
Department Hours May Vary