For your convenience, here are key contacts and elected officials from each Crawford County department. Please see our Departments page for a searchable list of department services and resources. In addition to departmental contacts, please reference our list of elected county officials. The Crawford Courthouse directory phone number is (712) 263-1280.


Duane Zenk


Colin Johnson
County Attorney
Martha A. Sibbel
Assistant County Attorney
Bonnie Teut
Administrative Assistant
Joni Kienast
Administrative Assistant and Victim/Witness Coordinator


Terri Martens
Auditor & Commissioner of Elections
Mary Eiten
1st Deputy Auditor - Real Estate
Bethany Linkenhoker
2nd Deputy Auditor - Elections, Agendas & Accounts Payable
Michele Mathies
2nd Deputy Auditor - Accounts Payable
Amy Pieper
HR, Payroll & Election Deputy

Board of Supervisors

Ty Rosburg
Vice Chairman
(712) 263-7672
Jeri Vogt
Board Member
(712) 674-3775
Eric Skoog
Board Member
(712) 263-5319
Jean Heiden
Board Member
Kyle Schultz
(712) 265-1437


Chris Gosch
Jodi Head
Office Manager
Nate Lakner
Operations Manager
Andy Butler
Nelson Park - Park Ranger
Kelly Sonnichsen
Tyler Knight
Yellow Smoke - Park Ranger
Jordan Downing
Nelson Park - Park Technician

Home Health, Hospice & Public Health

Kim Fineran
Public Health Director
Lynette Ludwig
Home Care Director


Denise Meeves
Sara Meseck
Deputy Recorder
Kayla Pedersen-Morgan
2nd Deputy Recorder

Secondary Road

Paul Assman
County Engineer
Ben Schaben
Assistant to the County Engineer
Cathy Meadows
Office Manager
Sean Krohnke
Road Foreman - East Side
Chris Clark
Road Foreman - West Side
Dan Blunk
Bridge Crew Foreman

Solid Waste and Recycling

Chuck Ettleman
Travis Fink
Jeff Schwager
Assistant Operator
Becky Schwarz
Scale House Operator - Part-Time
Ron Beermann
Part-time Operator
Trisha Blunk
Scale House Operator - Part-Time


Sheri Neddermeyer
Elizabeth Morales
Motor Vehicle Supervisor
Lisa Gallagher
Driver's License Manager
Kristin Clark
Motor Vehicle 1st Deputy
Ami Kesterson-Ladwig
Tax Department 1st Deputy
Lori Garrett
Motor Vehicle 2nd Deputy
Tammy Klinker
Deputy Driver Examiner

Courthouse Hours
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday
Department Hours May Vary