Read Crawford County's policies.


Whenever someone requests information from Crawford County it should be handled by the method below.  However, if you have any concerns about the information requested being confidential, contact the Auditor’s Office or Crawford County’s HR Consultant.

  1.  Determine if the request is for public information and ensure that no part of the request is for confidential information or may be protected by HIPAA.
  2. Inform the person requesting the information that the request may be taken in writing, by telephone or by electronic means, and the request should include a specific list of the information requested, requester name, address, telephone number, and email.
  3. Inform the requester what the fee is, as determined by each department, for their request and that the fee must be paid prior to the information being provided.  Information will be provided within 20 business day of receiving payment.
  4. Document all information that is requested and sent out.  Effective:  September 21, 2021