Motor Vehicles

Renew your vehicle online, download a bill of sale form, and view our FAQ for more vehicle registration information.

Vehicle Renewals

You may renew your motor vehicle(s) online as soon as you receive your renewal notice through the mail. You will be required to use your PIN found on your renewal notice. Half-year license and apportioned vehicles are not eligible for online renewal at this time.

Notice: a surcharge of $30.00 will be assessed against the maker of each dishonored check, by order of the Board of Supervisors.  Section 554.3512 Code of Iowa.

Renew Online

Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is now required for all title transfers. For more information on selling your vehicle in Iowa, please review this Checklist and Buyer's Acknowledgment Form.

Bill of Sale Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ for answers to common questions we receive about vehicle registrations like registering a newly-purchased vehicle and how to replace lost plates or tags.