Funeral Expenses & Grave Markers

Receive assistance with funeral expenses for a veteran and learn about our grave marker policy.

Funeral Expenses

Funeral expenses up to a maximum of $1,500 for burial or $600 for cremation may be allowed on behalf of a Veteran (with qualified service) who do not have the financial means, considered indigent, and no other family members have the means, to pay for a burial.  

Any funds are paid directly to the funeral home and must be approved by the VA Commission.

Grave Marker Policy

Iowa Code states:

35B.16 Markers for graves.

The county commission of veteran affairs may furnish a suitable and appropriate marker for the grave of each veteran, as defined in section 35.1, who is buried within the limits of the county. The marker shall be placed at the individual’s grave to permanently mark and designate the grave for memorial purposes. The expenses shall be paid from any funds raised as provided in this chapter.

Based on the above Code section, the Commission has determined that a grave marker will be provided for each Veteran serving in a time of war as defined in 35.1 (see section 4), as well as those serving on active duty, other than training, during a time of peace. Veterans serving in a time of peace will be provided to those who have passed away or buried on or after July 1, 2020.

Markers will be provided to those buried within the limits of Crawford County. Markers will not be given to families of Veterans who have been cremated and not buried in a County cemetery. 

Crawford County will provide one marker per Veteran grave, if the marker is stolen, destroyed, or damaged, the county will not provide a replacement.