VA Medical Van

The Crawford County Veterans Affairs Office operates a Medical Van to the Omaha VA Medical Center.

The van program operates five days per week. The van is a free program to Veterans and is driven by volunteer drivers.

A Veteran who has an appointment at the Omaha VA Medical Center can contact the office at (712) 263-2720 to schedule a ride.

Veterans are urged to contact the office as soon as they have an appointment scheduled to ensure a ride. Rides are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Passenger Responsibilities & Details

  1. Scheduling of van rides:  All efforts will be made to ensure your ride to the Omaha VA Medical Center (VAMC); however, if a request is placed without at least a five working day notice, the van may not have room or be able to accommodate your appointment time. The van schedule and route is first-come, first-served.
  2. Please advise the office all your appointment times in one day – not just the first appointment.
  3. If your appointment is canceled, or the time is changed, it is your responsibility to notify our office. The VAMC does not notify our office of any appointments or changes.
  4. Let the office know if a spouse or caretaker is riding with you. Spouses/caretakers are welcome to ride along if room is available.  
  5. Let the office know of any special needs you may have (extra room, oxygen, walkers, or wheelchairs).
  6. Passengers must be able to get into the van on their own; drivers are not allowed to lift passengers in or out of the van.
  7. Be on time to the designated pickup location. Your pick up and drop off location must be the same location unless prior arrangements are made with our office.
  8. If you need to eat before the trip home, please do so at the VAMC, the van will only stop for emergencies. Make sure you bring eating money or snacks with you in case of a long day at the VAMC or for medical reasons (diabetic, etc.)
  9. Be courteous to the driver and other passengers.
  10. Any Veteran who is intoxicated or incoherent will not be allowed to ride the van.
  11. If you are seriously ill, you will be advised to go to the local hospital for treatment or ambulance transportation. The VA van does not operate as an ambulance service. Volunteer drivers are not responsible for emergency medical care.
  12. Please inform our office with any problems or concerns you may have with the van or the VAMC.
  13. If you ride the VA van you are not eligible for VA travel pay from the VAMC. Collecting travel pay while a passenger on the VA van is a federal offense. The VAMC provides the van and gas for your trip so you are not allowed to “double-dip” by collecting travel pay.  The travel window receives a list of van passengers each day.

It is our sincere desire to provide quality transportation and meet the needs of our Veterans by ensuring transportation for your VA medical care.